Monday, August 15, 2005

"For fifty years...

...I've been turning its crank.

The loudness depends on a big or a small horn. Metal horns are better for bands and the voices of men. And the wooden horns, they are better for the strings and the voices of the female. Die Sopranistin. And Edison's phongraph has in the needle a little sapphire.

Nicht Diamant, nur Saphir. And when it grazes the record it sounds so nice...

Even when I was a little child, no one wanted phonographs. Everyone said to me, 'It's so old-fashioned!' They all wanted radios. But what did I want with a radio? To hear Hitler babble? No, thank you! That is the reason that, even today, I don't have a radio or a television."

Charlotte von Mahlsdorf in I Am My Own Wife, by Doug Wright


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