Saturday, July 23, 2005

"It may be true...

...that more men than women like to bloviate and 'bat things out'—socialization does count for something. So do social rewards: I have seen men advance professionally on levels of aggression, self-promotion and hostility that would have a woman carted off to a loony bin—unless, of course, she happens to be Ann Coulter. But feminine psychology doesn't explain why all five of USA Today's political columnists are male, or why Time's eleven columnists are male—down to the four in Arts and Entertainment—or why at Newsweek it's one out of six in print and two out of thirteen on the Web. According to Editor and Publisher, the proportion of female syndicated columnists (one in four) hasn't budged since 1999."

Katha Pollitt in 16 March 2005 issue of The Nation.


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